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ROSNI s.r.o (established in 1999), is a multifaceted trading; manufacturing; consulting and financial services company headquartered in Prague Czech Republic with offices in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, United States of America. ROSNI s.r.o., specializes in the analysis, development and financing of projects in the emerging market economies with specific emphasis in the ecologically sound electrical generation, garbage recycling and conversion to electrical energy and fuel, road constructions, development of concessions and resources, reinvigorating of exhausted and/or marginal oil wells, supplying of aircraft of all kinds, supplying of military/police equipment and training personnel, supplying of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, as well as assistance with debt renegotiations as well as international bond issues.

ROSNI s.r.o. has been registered by the United Nations as designated vendor to supply petroleum and petroleum byproducts.

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